5 Must-Try Gourmet Signature Macaron Flavors

5 Must-Try Gourmet Signature Macaron Flavors
Sharon Johnson
Sharon Johnson

5 Must-Try Gourmet Signature Macaron Flavors


Shareden Sweet Confections is always baking up new and innovative flavors of light, delicate macarons that have a depth of floral, nutty, and sweet flavors. One of our most popular assortments of gourmet macaron flavors is currently the signature collection which includes both traditional and nontraditional flavors.


Like all of our desserts, our signature macaron collection is made with premium filling and unique flavors delicately made by our pastry chefs that have studied under internationally renowned chefs, mixing classic French & Italian patisserie techniques with our proprietary family recipes. Check out some of our most popular signature macaron flavors and give them all a try!


This collection is also entirely gluten-free so that even those with gluten allergies or intolerances can enjoy them.


  1. Signature Pistachio Honey Macarons


Pistachio honey macarons are one of the most traditional Parisian flavors of macarons, and they are number on our must-try list! Our pistachio honey macarons are made with a light dusting of fresh and nutty pistachios around the rim and a sweet, honey-flavored cream cheese filling on the inside. The honey is all organic and ethically sourced from responsible sources.


  1. Signature Bananas Foster Macarons


Bananas Foster is one of our brilliant creations crafted by our French Creole chef. Bananas Foster is a dessert from New Orleans, Louisiana, famous for its warm and buttery rum sauce and caramelized bananas. Banana foster's caramelized, brown butter taste is a perfect match for our soft, yet chewy melt-in-your-mouth macarons. Especially since each of our ingredients are of the highest quality, including rum cream, rich butter, and cinnamon.


  1. Signature Belgian Chocolate Macarons


Like the pistachio honey macarons, Belgian chocolate macarons are also very traditional. The Belgian chocolate in SSC macarons is rich and decadent, and it has a sweet and creamy chocolate cream filling. Our chocolate is imported from Belgium, and it has just the right amount of cocoa butter, sweetness, and bitterness.


  1. Signature Coconut Cream Macarons


Coconut cream macarons are a refreshing way to enjoy a classic dessert. Macarons are known for their lightly flavored taste and soft and chewy texture. Flavors such as coconut cream are a fun twist on traditional flavors. The slight flavor of coconut gives these French macarons a tropical taste. This flavor is creamy, elegant, and unique to Shareden Sweet Confections.


  1. Signature Vanilla Bean Macarons


Vanilla bean macarons are among the most popular flavors of macarons. They are made with premium vanilla beans, giving the macaron a sophisticated taste. The macaron base is made with real vanilla beans that add a perfumed aromatic flavor. Vanilla is a classy, traditional flavor that is pure in taste and emphasizes the art of creating delicious macarons.


With bold and premium sourced flavors, each of our macarons are crafted to give your taste buds a delectable culinary experience. Make sure to keep a lookout for our exotic and classic collections and gourmet vegan pastry line to be launched in Spring 2022!





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