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Our Story

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
- Dale Carnegie 

Shareden Sweet Confections (SSC) started as a family-owned cottage food bakeshop, (led by Sharon Johnson).  We craft and sell our signature artisan macarons and unique desserts inspired by our family's French Creole heritage.​

Based in Michigan, we have been happily baking and serving our close-knit family, church community, dear friends, and colleagues for many years. ​

Due to overwhelming family support and many customer requests, we progressed to a state-licensed artisan baked goods production company. ​

Our Process

We combine innovative patisserie techniques learned from internationally renowned pastry chefs, with our special family recipes to create our unique treats.​

SSC uses locally obtained fresh ingredients along with the finest national and internationally sourced premium products.

Shareden Sweet Confections Macaron flavors are carefully confectioned using fruits, berries, chocolates, preserves or nuts.  
Our signature recipes release a symphony of flavor in every bite.​

We are super excited to be able to expand and serve our artisan treats to serve new customers!​

We are especially focused on providing as many gluten-free premium baked treats whenever possible, as several family members and friends are gluten sensitive.​

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Our Goal

We strive to position ourselves as a leading provider of premium innovative confections within the US retail and wholesale markets.


“I love honey and put it on so many things trying to give it a more natural flavoring and even put it on my vanilla ice cream (I highly recommend that).

 I can taste the honey in the filling as soon as I took the first bite, and I was blown away by the flavor.

 Great job! The packaging alone makes you want one :)."

 Melissa A., Novi, MI

"These macarons are so good, I want more!!!!!

 Donna V., Brownstown, MI

"They were good, the packaging was also very cute.  I believe the chocolate was my favorite!"

 Jasmine T., Tampa, FL.

"I am gluten-sensitive and head learned to settle for mediocre flavor and weird textured pastries to avoid health consequences. The gluten-free Pistachio Honey Macaron was absolutely delicious. I enjoyed every bite!"

 Natalie A., Dearborn Heights, MI

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