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Shareden Sweet Confections

New! Classic Pecan Pie Muffin Mix (PRE-ORDER)

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Get a sweet taste of Louisiana, Classic Pecan Pie Muffins can be enjoyed as a breakfast treat, snack, or dessert. They are often served warm, straight from the oven, and can be paired with coffee or tea for a delightful combination.  For a special treat, curl up on the sofa and grab a book or watch a movie and enjoy them with your favorite ice cream!

The pairing of the moist muffin texture and the crunchiness of the rich pecans and toffee like flavor make them the perfect choice for a delicious southern style treat with a balance of textures and scrumptious flavors. brimming with delicious
 Pecan pieces.
What a treat to delight your friends, family and business associates! (Don't leave yourself out!)


Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether it is a cozy gathering, a festive celebration, or simply a moment of personal indulgence, our Classic Pecan Muffin Mix is the ideal companion. Its irresistible taste and effortless preparation make it a standout dessert that is sure to captivate any audience.

Enjoy the Convenience

At Shareden Sweet Confections, we value the convenience of our customers. Hence, our Classic Pecan Muffin Mix is meticulously crafted to save you time and effort. It's easy and quick to make, you can relish the luxury of a premium dessert without the need to go out.

Allergy Information

For our customers with dietary restrictions, we ensure complete transparency regarding our ingredients. Please note that this product contains nuts, eggs and 

Place Your Pre-Order, don't miss out!