POD FOODS (Wholesale Distribution)


Champion is built by trusted experts who have over 5 years of experience working at Shopify. They built and maintained many themes over the years, and were the developer and designer leads on the Dawn theme

30+ sections

Including Popup, Promo banner, Recently viewed products, Image hotspots, Sliding announcement, Expandalbe bar, Collapsible tabs, and more.

Some key features:

  • Cart goal

    Boost your sales with the cart goal widget. Entice customers to increase their order to access free shipping.

  • Shipping calculator

    No app needed! The theme provides a shipping calculator in the cart based on the customer's location.

  • Mega menu

    Make your large inventory more discoverable, and display promotions where your customers will see them!

  • Easy color manangement

    With a minimal main color palette and optional per-section color overrides, it's never been easier to customize theme colors and gradients.

  • Section padding override

    Get full control over the spacing between sections. Remove unwanted empty space, and optimize every pixel on your pages!

  • Flexible product cards

    Transparent backgrounds, images of different aspect ratios... no matter what kind of product images you have, there's a layout option for your brand to look professional online.

  • Custom product badges

    Drive attention to specific products by creating your own custom product badges.

  • Pop up

    Display promotions, or promote your newsletter subscription without requireing a pop-up app.

  • Quick view / Quick buy

    Remove extra clicks. Make it easy and frictionless to buy on your website.